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Babes Giving Back

During challenging times, Boss Babes Wedding Industry Network is committed to assisting women in the wedding and event industry. This dedication inspired the creation of the Babes Giving Back Fund. Donations to this fund will be used to aid women with various needs, from rent and groceries to uplifting gestures when they are feeling low.

“Our mission is to empower and support women in the wedding and event industry during challenging times by providing a compassionate network of resources and assistance. We strive to foster a community where members can find solace, encouragement, and practical support as they navigate personal hardships. Through our collective strength, we aim to uplift one another, promoting emotional well-being, professional growth, and resilience within our industry. Together, we are dedicated to creating a safe and nurturing space that embraces the values of empathy, solidarity, and lifelong connections among women in the wedding and event industry.”

Donations can be designated for a specific individual or contribute to the fund to support any women in the community who require assistance. To donate to the general fund, simply input the word “community” into the “Donate in the name of” section!

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