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How it all started: From Tacos and Daiquiris to Empowering Connections!

The Boss Babe Story unfolded on a seemingly ordinary Thursday night in October 2018, over tacos and daiquiris. What started as a casual conversation about empowering women has blossomed into a vibrant community of Boss Babes making a mark in the wedding and event industry.

Bos Babes Wedding Industry network, founding members Venetta Petties and Miranda Longoria

Miranda and Venetta, the trailblazing Boss Babes, embarked on this journey after realizing the limitations of traditional networking events. Their vision was clear – create an environment where women in the wedding industry could connect authentically at monthly happy hours that prioritized fellowship over formality. More hugs, less handshakes, and a commitment to building genuine friendships and connections. The goal was simple: empower each other to thrive and succeed in the competitive world of weddings and events.

The enthusiasm of Miranda and Venetta faced an unexpected hurdle in the form of the COVID-19 pandemic, putting a pause on their plans for 2020-2021. Undeterred, the Boss Babes adapted and strategized, and now, as we step into 2024, our community and our mission has grown and soared to new heights! In a significant transformation, the Boss Babe community has evolved into a non-profit organization with a devoted Board of Directors leading the way. Monthly happy hours have transformed into full-fledged events, not only bringing members together but also showcasing their talents through sponsorship opportunities.


The Boss Babes extend an invitation to all like-minded individuals to join this empowering community. Whether you're looking to attend events, become a member, or take an active role in the planning committee, the doors are open. As the community grows, so do the opportunities. Our mission is simple: We want to get to know you, celebrate your wins, and be instrumental in your success and growth as a businesswoman and a valued member of our community.

The Boss Babe Story is a testament to the power of genuine connections and shared empowerment. Miranda and Venetta's commitment to fostering real friendships and supporting each other in the wedding and event industry has created a space where Boss Babes can thrive, even in the face of challenges. Now, as a non-profit organization with a devoted Board of Directors, the monthly happy hours have transformed into events that not only unite members but also showcase their incredible talents. Join the movement, attend an event, and let the Boss Babe community be the catalyst for your success and growth. Cheers to fellowship, authenticity, and the Boss Babe journey!

Founding member of BBWIN: Boss Babes wedding industry network.  A networking group for women in the wedding industry in Dalls/Fort Worth, TX
Miranda Longoria of Miranda Longoria Photography
Founding member of BBWIN: Boss Babes Wedding Industry Network.  A networking group for women in the Wedding industry in DFW
Venetta Petties of Girls Who Twirl

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Great blog post! It makes me all teary to think about those beginning days and how far we have come as an organization!

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